Fortune 50 Global Pharmaceutical/Medical Devices/Consumer Products Company: Developed and executed Global Analytics strategy across Finance, Procurement, Supply Chain, R&D, Commercial, Compliance, and HR domains. Winner of National Award for Analytics Excellence.

Fortune 50 Healthcare/Retailer: Executed strategies to provide the business with an integrated view of the clients, patients, vendors/partners, products, and events across all lines of business. Enabled business to "plug and play" in any role with clients, patients, and business partners, by unlocking the healthcare value chain. Improved ability to measure and optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of clinical and utilization management programs. Improved governance and achieved operational efficiencies by consolidating acquisitions and redundant capabilities. Enabled company to comply with HIPPA regulatory requirements.

Pharmaco-genomics Startup: Produced capability model to address the business strategy, product portfolio strategy, and general business functions looking three years out. Completed IT Strategy, Enterprise Architecture, and Capability/Solution Map, including RFPs, vendor evaluations and selections, and contract negotiations. Coordinated implementation plan.

Healthcare Communications Company: Completed Product Strategy development through implementation for new offer to existing clients, who are the largest payers and providers in the country. Developed Product Strategy, Business Process Models, Capability Model, Solution Strategy, and Enterprise Architecture, including Business, Application, Information, and Technology Architecture, and Data Models. Coordinated implementation plan.

Fortune 100 Multi-Line Insurer: Developed Information Management Strategy based on ITIL 3.0 for IT organization with multi-billion dollar budget. Designed Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence solutions used to plan, manage, and optimize the hardware, software, and services portfolio.

E-Health Company: Developed Product Strategy and Product Design for Electronic Health Record, Regional Health Information Network, and National Health Information Network offerings, resulting in the award of major contracts by government and commercial customers.

Fortune 100 Property and Casualty Insurer: Completed Information Management Strategy for both the Personal and Commercial lines of business. Implemented data governance processes, data architecture and data models across both the transaction processing and data warehousing/business intelligence platforms. 

Healthcare Technology Company: Completed operations, technology, and intellectual property diligence assessments for eighteen acquisitions.

Largest Healthcare Transaction Processor: Turned around company by stabilizing and restructuring IT organization and operations. Increased operating margins through integration of platforms across business units and recent acquisitions. Company turned profitable after a year, and profit growth exceeded eighty percent during each of the following two years. Company’s reputation also improved dramatically with less negative publicity and litigation.

Internet Media Company: Completed assessments and remediation of content management, web search, web advertising, and web analytics offerings, including compliance with industry privacy and security regulations and best practices.

Fortune 100 Health Benefit Administrator: Developed multi-billion-dollar product portfolio for one of the country’s largest health benefit administrators, which resulted in new partnerships and products that fueled extraordinary growth. Leveraged fuzzy logic, expert systems, and neural network technologies in the areas of eligibility, benefit plan administration, claim adjudication, formulary management, utilization management, outcomes analysis, disease management, case management, fraud detection, and drug effectiveness research.

Fortune 50 Pharmaceutical Company: Assessed company’s technology position and technology strategy. Established technology roadmap and standards for all ISO layers. Integrated technology platforms across divisions and recent acquisitions, saving the company millions of dollars in technology spending per year.

Fortune 100 Health Benefit Administrator: Transformed company from a subscriber-centric to a patient-centric organization, improving clinical outcomes, operating margins by twenty-four percent, and customer service satisfaction from seventy-six to ninety-three percent,

Fortune 100 Financial Services Company: Developed and implemented Information Architecture strategy for worldwide 24 by 7 by 365 real-time business supporting billions of dollars in revenue. New architecture enabled company to achieve extraordinary growth through scalability and ability to quickly deliver new products and enter new businesses.

Fortune 100 Financial Services Company: Transformed product and technology development processes, improving time to market and quality, enabling the business to quickly grow its web presence and e-commerce capability, and to more easily outsource some development. Attained level four in the SEI’s Capability Maturity Model.

Financial Information Provider: Transformed business from a product-centric to a client-centric organization, resulting in increased market penetration through better cross-selling efficiencies and fourteen percent improvement in customer satisfaction ratings.

Healthcare Information Provider: Achieved several million dollars in savings per year in premiums for liability, property and casualty, errors and omissions, and directors’ and officers’ insurance, by improving company’s information risk management profile and improving relationship with insurers. Performed intellectual property risk assessment, including evaluation of business partner relationships and information leakage risk. Completed information and physical security assessments. Coordinated implementation of remediation, including implementations of disaster recovery, business continuity, and pandemic plans.

Fortune 200 Defense Contractor: Evaluated technology architecture and networks for performance and security. Developed and implemented new technology architecture. Coordinated remediation of vulnerabilities.

Fortune 50 Pharmaceutical Company: Developed and established Information Security capability, including governance organization and processes, technology architecture, and solutions implementation and operation.

Fortune 100 Financial Services Company: Assessed company’s technology position and technology strategy. Established technology roadmap and standards for all ISO layers. Integrated technology platforms across divisions and recent acquisitions, saving the company millions of dollars in technology spending per year.

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